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5 Reasons to Choose LED Lighting for Your Commercial Office

LED lighting is an increasingly popular choice in many businesses and commercial buildings.

LED lighting is an increasingly popular choice in many businesses and commercial buildings. It is a great financial choice, since it will almost always save a business owner money on their utilities over conventional bulbs, even including the higher cost of individual bulbs. The great benefits of LEDs don’t end there, however. Here are five great reasons to choose LEDs for your office lighting.

Energy Efficient

The biggest benefit of LED bulbs is their energy efficiency. LED bulbs can produce up to a 70% energy savings, which translates to a great financial incentive. If you have lights that you leave on all day and all night, the savings will be even better. This is also the “green” choice, so if your brand and image include environmental responsibility, all of your lights should be LEDs.

Reduce Insects

Most people don’t know that it is the heat of the lightbulb that attracts the bugs, more than the light. For LED bulbs, this is not an issue. LED bulbs produce almost no heat, so you will not have to worry about them attracting bugs to your office. Another side effect of the low heat of these bulbs is that they won’t heat up your office, making them ideal for commercial lighting.

Circadian Rhythm

LED lighting can suppress melatonin – this is the reason you’re supposed to avoid “blue light” before bed. In the office, however, this means better productivity and alertness, since it will help keep employees from getting drowsy.

Lightbulb Lifespan

Quality LED lights have a great lifespan as well. Most LEDs last about 50,000 hours, much more than the 1000 average for incandescent bulbs and 10,000 for CFLs.  This translates to additional saved money, since you won’t have to change lightbulbs as often. It also means that you won’t have to do the work of changing the bulbs (or pay someone to), which can be an important consideration if the light fixtures are hard to access.

Safe and Smart

LED bulbs give off negligible heat and UV radiation. They contain no mercury and are considered to be the safest bulbs on the market. This makes them popular at many businesses, where employee safety is a deciding factor. They are also “smart” meaning they can be controlled by devices and apps. This smart control allows you to brighten and dim them as needed, and in some cases customize the color of the light. 

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