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Man with Flashlight at Commercial Circuit-breaker Panel

Is it Time to Replace the Circuit Breaker in my Commercial Building?

Man with Flashlight at Commercial Circuit-breaker Panel

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When it comes to the management of a business or commercial property, there will always be a lot on your plate. In the day-to-day, you probably only think about the surface level of your electrical system. But your electrical system is interconnected through smaller sections called circuits, which ensure that power is distributed consistently even when your electrical devices are not in use. All these circuits are connected to an electrical panel, or breaker box, and has a designated switch on the panel known as a circuit breaker. Occasionally, issues will arise with your circuit breaker that can cause electrical problems. Luckily, you likely don’t have to replace a larger system, and simply replacing the circuit breaker can solve the issue.

Frequent Trips

If you are frequently experiencing trips, which can shut off power to a room in your building with an audible popping noise, and require you to reset the breaker, this can be an indicator that your circuit breaker is in need of replacement. Often, these trips will occur when you plug in too many devices, but if these trips are happening inexplicably, this can also indicate that your circuit breaker is in need of replacement.

Tricky Resets

Resetting the circuit breaker should be as simple as flipping a switch. If you are having trouble flipping the switch or find that it flips back as soon as it is switched, this can also indicate you should replace your circuit breaker. In this case, have an electrician service the breaker to avoid injury.

Singed Areas

Your electrical system should be properly grounded and wired to avoid fire hazards. Otherwise, sparks can fly as power moves throughout the system. If this is happening anywhere in your electrical panel, you will notice singed areas around the circuit breakers. This can mean they need replacement.

Hot Panel Components

If a circuit has begun to fail, you might notice that some surfaces in your electrical panel are hot. This can be a dangerous safety and fire hazard, and you should call an emergency electrician to service your system and prevent injury or even a house fire. When you go to reset a circuit breaker, all the surfaces on the panel should be the same temperature, and it should never be hot to the touch.

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