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LED Commercial Lighting Trends for 2019

Check out these four LED commercial lighting trends for 2019.

Check out these four LED commercial lighting trends for 2019.

When you’re planning the design of your commercial building, be it an office, a store, or something else, one key factor is the lighting. Lighting sets the mood but it also has to serve its practical purpose. This is just as important in a commercial setting as in a home. As you’re considering how to best use LED for your commercial lighting needs, here are some trends we will see really taking hold this year.

Lighting as Unique Decoration

One trend that we’re seeing a lot of and will continue to see in 2019 is customization, and lighting is not exempt. The customization available in current lighting styles allows you to choose exactly the right light to compliment the rest of your decor and make a decorative impact in your space. One example of this is in pendant lighting, which now comes in a variety of shapes and a range of colors, allowing you to choose a light that will do so much more than just light up the space.

Lighting Allowing Specialized Control

LED lighting is allowing a boom in options and control that was previously impossible. You can have lights that dim and brighten in the same manner as incandescent bulbs, but also ones that change color or shift from cool to warm light. You can even have the option to control each fixture individually. These are great options to have in restaurants where you may want to change the mood between lunch and dinner or in a classroom to signal a shift from a social to an introspective activity. LED lighting that gives the user complete control is going to continue to trend this year and for the future.

Lighting That Goes Wireless

If it seems like everything in the world is wireless now, you’re not wrong. Your coffee maker can order you supplies on Amazon and you can check the inside of your fridge through an app on your phone. It just makes sense that lighting would follow this trend, and it will in a big way this year. Wireless systems for lighting offer decreased installation and labor costs and allow for greater user control of the fixtures. It’s a win-win that you should ask your supplier about today.

Lighting That Blends In

Decorative lighting fixtures will be big this year, but sometimes we want lighting that works well without being noticeable. Minimalism and clean lines are going to continue to trend, so expect to see a lot of lighting options that fit seamlessly into the architecture without calling attention to themselves.

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