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Prepare for summer power outages with Absolute Supply & Services.

Prepare for the Most Common Summer Electrical Problems

Prepare for summer power outages with Absolute Supply & Services.

Prepare for summer power outages with Absolute Supply & Services.

Spring is here, and while you’re enjoying this amazing weather, you should also be taking some time to think about and plan for the next season on the horizon. Summer will be here before we know it, and it brings with it many unique issues and challenges. One of the biggest is the strain the summer weather puts on our electricity usage. We are really dependent on electricity, so the electrical problems that we face in the summer can do more than cramp our styles. They can impact our health and safety, and our incomes in our commercial buildings. Read on for the most common summer electrical problems you might face.


Summer warmth and heat waves also bring big storms, with lightning, thunder, and wind, which can down power lines and blown transformers. These outages can leave people without power for hours or even days, during which time people or pets can overheat, food or perishable products can spoil, and your doors are closed to customers because the lights are out. While there’s nothing you can do to resolve this type of power outage directly, you can be prepared for it. Make sure your home or commercial building is well stocked with flashlights and batteries that are easy to find when you need them. Another good option is to invest in a backup generator so that if the power goes out you can still keep your building comfortable and safe.


Many people think that brownouts and blackouts are the same, but they’re not. A blackout is a complete power outage, where a brownout is a minimization of the power flow to your home. This interference can sometimes lead to short-circuited or overheated appliances. Often brownouts are planned by utility companies, and in these cases, you should prepare for them by leaving as many appliances as possible turned off or unplugged.


There are lots of summer issues that can cause power surges, including lightning strikes and overloading. Surges can damage electrical appliances and if they’re excessive enough, sometimes lead to electrical fires. Buying and install surge protectors for your home or commercial building is a great cautionary step, but you should also get in the habit of unplugging appliances when they’re not in use, especially during lightning storms.

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