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4 Common Winter Electrical Problems For Commercial Buildings

Learn about 4 winter common electrical problems and how to prevent them.

Learn about 4 winter common electrical problems and how to prevent them.

We only have about two more months of winter, but the temperature continues to get colder, and the forecast will likely call for more snow. The harsh weather can take a serious toll on commercial buildings, especially on the electrical systems. Continue reading for four common electrical problems that your building may face this winter and how to prevent them.

Power Outages

Unpredictable weather of snow, ice, and harsh winds can quickly result in widespread power outages. Winter is also a very demanding time for electricity, as your building will be running multiple heating systems, lights, portable heaters, and other seasonal devices at once. This may cause your office’s circuit to use too much energy and cause overloading or tripping breakers. The best solution for this problem is to hire a company that offers electrical equipment and services to add a circuit or to upgrade the electrical service.

Static Electricity

Static electricity can be harmless when you get a little shock from your clothing, but it can actually be dangerous in a commercial building. In electrical outlets or electrical components that already have problems, static electricity can cause a lot of damage. Fight back against static in your building with the use of a humidifier.

Electrical and Grounding System Problems

The issues of electrical and grounding systems don’t show any functional signs, and they can easily be overlooked. However, they can be serious problems caused by improper and unbalanced branch circuits and wired feeders. To avoid this issue, it’s crucial to schedule regular electrical inspections and preventative maintenance services.

Electrical Fires

As many employees choose to use personal space heaters in their office to stay warm, the risk of an electrical fire in the building increases. However, even offices without space heaters are at risk, especially if your building relies on many computers and devices. Train your employees on basic office safety protocol, including not to overload electrical outlets and to always turn off heaters when leaving the room. Misuse and improper installation of devices can also lead fires, so it’s essential to have a professional perform maintenance, repairs, and replacements for your building’s devices.

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