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The Importance of Emergency Power Systems For Commercial Buildings

Learn about the importance of emergency power systems for your commercial building.

Learn about the importance of emergency power systems for your commercial building.

As we prefer for snowfall in Maryland, it is crucial to consider what you’ll do if the power goes out in your commercial building. Have you thought about what would happen to your building if it endured a sustained loss of power due to a large storm or a blizzard? Unfortunately, most commercial buildings are not prepared for a large power failure. It is highly important to have an emergency power system and a plan in place for your commercial building this winter.

Power Outages

You may already have a generator or a battery backup system in place, but is it enough to handle the power needs of your business or building? Even if your emergency power system meets code, it might not be enough. In 2003, during the Northeast Blackout, over half of the hospitals in New York City experienced failure of their backup systems. This wasn’t because they didn’t have generators, it was because what they had wasn’t enough to handle their power needs. Since it had never been fully tested, they didn’t know that their system was inadequate. Furthermore, studies have shown that weather-related power outages have doubled since 2003: power outages are becoming more frequent and more likely. The bottom line is that you may need to install an emergency power system that is better than code in order to protect your business from the increasingly likely threat of a large-scale power failure.

Make A Plan

If you don’t have an emergency plan in place, now is the time to make one. You should have an electrician come out and help you assess what you would need to maintain your critical systems (from computers to emergency lighting). At minimum, you should have a backup generator that can run these systems. You should also consider an ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch), that can sense the outage and start up the generator, transfer the power draw to the generator, and then turn it off and transfer it back to the lines when power is restored. At Absolute Supply and Services, we can help you choose the proper emergency power system for your building.

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