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Check out three major benefits of janitorial services for your business.

5 Reasons to Invest in a Commercial Janitorial Service

Check out three major benefits of janitorial services for your business.

Check out five major benefits of janitorial services for your business.

Could your business benefit from a professional cleaning service? The odds are that your company could benefit greatly from the help of a commercial janitorial team for a variety of reasons! Having a professional service take care of your office comes with a wide range of benefits, including increased productivity, fewer sick days, and even better customer relationships. If you’ve been considering taking the next step, Absolute Supply and Services can help!

Improve Health Conditions

Having your facility thoroughly cleaned regularly can help to improve the health of you and your staff in a few different ways. To start, if there are any hazards like bacteria and germs from illness, you’ll have a better shot at ensuring they’re entirely removed before your entire office is sick. Second, textiles and many other hard to clean areas often become the home of pollen and dust – two things that make allergies and respiratory conditions act up. When your space is cleaned regularly, you remove the worst of both of these issues, ensuring that your staff is healthier and less likely to need time off.

Improved Customer Opinion

It’s no secret that your customers notice how well or poorly your facility is cared for. If you treat your space poorly and have a dirty, unkempt appearance, how are they to believe you treat other aspects of your business any different?

Morale Booster

When you take care of your facility, it shows that you care about how you treat your business. When your space looks neat and professional, your staff is more likely to treat their work with greater care and attention.

Long Term Benefits

For many of your office’s furnishings and features, regular cleaning will help improve their lifespan saving you money long term. Flooring, in particular, will last longer if cared for properly. When there is too much dirt, it increases the effects of friction, leading to excessive wear and tear, especially on carpets. Additionally, regular cleaning of appliances like refrigerators and behind printers can help ensure that there are no electrical fires, clogs, or worse.

Increase Storage Space

When our office is kept clean and tidy, you may find that you have better access and use of your storage space! Not only will it look more professional, but having your space cleared up leaves you more room to work.

The Absolute Supply and Services Purpose

As a minority- and woman-owned small business, Absolute Supply and Services is dedicated to providing quality customer services and products. We offer high-quality equipment, replacement parts, and service solutions to support general contractors, subcontractors, building engineers, and other industry professionals. Our wide range of services includes electrical and lighting services, HVAC services, fire protection, IT solutions, janitorial services, plumbing services, and safety supplies.

Absolute Supply and Services serves states throughout the East Coast and currently have partners located in Washington, DC, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia, and Florida. Contact us at 301.456.4927 or at one of our four Maryland offices, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter,  LinkedIn, Youtube, and keep up with our blog!