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Learn about the food service appliances that every food business needs.

Is it Time to Replace My Commercial Kitchen Equipment?

Learn about the food service appliances that every food business needs.

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In a commercial kitchen, having effective, reliable equipment is critical to ensuring that you follow food safety guidelines and create the quality food your customers know and love. But kitchen equipment can be expensive, it’s not always easy to know when you should replace versus repair. If you’re noticing these five signs, it may be time for an upgrade.

Are Their Increased Injury Risks?

If your kitchen equipment is showing signs of excessive wear, it can lead to dangerous conditions for your staff and guests. Broken, cracked, loose, inaccurate parts can lead to burns, electrocution, improper temperature readings, and more. When safety, particularly food safety, is called into question, ‘it’s time to make changes.

Your Equipment Is Outdated

As equipment ages, it can be more and more challenging to track down parts when repairs are needed. Sometimes this can lead to equipment being pushed entirely out of service because of the need for small pieces. Additionally, as equipment ages, it loses its edge and cuts into your productivity.

Poor Efficiency

Along with losing its ability to function as well and as long, some older models are just lacking features that newer machines offer. If ‘you’re finding that you need to use more power to do less work, ‘it’s time for some upgrades.

Repair Costs Are Adding Up

As you consider your options for repairs, keep in mind that there is a point past which the cost of repairing versus replacing swap. For older machines, ones ‘you’ve already put tons of money into, and more, you may find that replacement is the more cost-effective option.

Significant Menu and Business Changes

If ‘you’re changing the way you do business, you may need to change your equipment to match. For instance, if you need to serve more customers at a faster rate, ‘you’ll need more power than you otherwise might.

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