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Sneeze Guard: Make Sure Your Office Has One!

A sneeze guard or cough shield is a plastic or glass screen that protects people in confined spaces from being exposed to respiratory droplets. A typical sneeze can easily travel at speeds up to 100 mph. This means that every time you sneeze, you can potentially dispense over 100k virus-laden droplets. The same also holds true for a cough, which is why the World Health Organization (WHO) has advised using screen guards in confined places such as office buildings and the like.

Different variants of the deadly coronavirus pandemic are still raging all over the world. Containment and precautionary measures are some of the best ways of stopping them in their tracks and keeping us all safe.

How Can Sneeze Guards Help?

Sneeze guards serve a dual purpose in an office. They will protect both your customer as well as your staff members. Apart from lowering sick leave ratios, they also help protect your clients so they keep coming back. While some of the best sneeze guards have always been a staple in the food industry, they are now becoming increasingly more common in banks, hotels, and offices.

The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the need for freestanding and attached sneeze guards in public places. While masks certainly help, they are not as dependable as a sneeze guard. Many people discard their masks or don’t wear them correctly. Moreover, even a properly worn mask might not help in a confined space. Here, a thick and solid sneeze guard would provide an additional layer of protection for everyone around.

Apart from that, many people have medical conditions that prevent them from wearing masks. Here too, the sneeze guards in your office will help prevent many infectious diseases.

Put simply, a sneeze guard is a great way to help stop COVID-19 and various other deadly diseases in their tracks.