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Can You Trust Your Hand Sanitizer?

The CDC has issued several warnings about certain hand sanitizer brands that are either ineffective or outright dangerous

The coronavirus pandemic has seen the use of hand sanitizer skyrocket as people look to keep their hand’s clean while out and about. However, not all sanitizing products are made to the same standards, and there are many out there which are either not effective at killing the virus or, at worst, can actually be harmful to you.

The CDC and FDA have both recently updated their growing list of hand sanitizer products that are unsafe for use and are being recalled. The most typical cause for these products to be listed is that they tested positive for containing methanol. This a dangerous and toxic type of alcohol that can be life-threatening if ingested and can be harmful to the skin if applied directly.

It is not just methanol that is being found. A recent announcement found that certain products contained 1-propanol, which is very dangerous and can cause significant damage to your nervous system and can damage your consciousness. While you might think that these products are exclusively found online, they have actually been found on sale in various chain stores, including Walmart and Costco.

Even those hand sanitizers that are safe might not be worth using. The CDC recommends using solutions that contain at least 60% ethanol to ensure that you are able to remove all dangerous bacteria and germs.

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